Recovery Podcast

52 - Dr. Alison Cook

November 01, 2023 Volunteers of America Season 1 Episode 52
Recovery Podcast
52 - Dr. Alison Cook
Show Notes

In this heartfelt part one of a two-part episode, we sit down with Dr. Alison Cook, an expert in grief, to explore the intricacies of coping with loss and the profound relationship between grief and substance abuse. Dr. Cook, the author of "The Best of You," offers essential insights and practical steps to help you overcome grief and find healing with the support of others.

Discover practical steps and valuable resources to help you cope with grief, including insights from her book "The Best of You." You can learn more about Dr. Cook's work, her book, and her podcast at her website, book, and podcast.

As #1 New York Times bestselling author Lysa TerKeurst, president of Proverbs 31 Ministries, beautifully put it, "Many of us are seeking ways to live healthier lives within ourselves, the world around us, and in our relationships. I hope you will let this beautiful and transformative book show you how!"

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At Volunteers of America Northern Rockies we engage those we serve with an intentional focus that meets needs, educates, uplifts and inspires. We also recognize how much we all need to hear positive stories of lives transformed. That’s why we created Recovery Podcast. 

Recovery Podcast is a collection of interviews designed to share stories of recovery and faith from Volunteers of America Northern Rockies past and present. It is our honor to share them with a belief they will enlighten and encourage. From amazing testimonies of hope to educating around serving our community in need, our podcast will inform, engage and inspire.

There are so many powerful stories to be told from our amazing, rich history. And that’s the point of this podcast. H.G. Wells said that human history is the history of ideas. Some of those ideas are of course based around our growth in technology and structure. Yet, many ideas have been inspired by faith to help humanity overcome the physical, mental and spiritual challenges of life. We want to share our ideas with you because we know they’ve helped restore countless lives. 

Many of our leaders are among the top professionals in their field, navigating their teams through the changing landscape of human services. In the coming months, we’ll hear interviews from many of them, sharing their expertise in the world of addiction treatment, homeless services, veteran support, moral injury and so much more. 

We also have a diverse portfolio of partners that have joined forces with us to provide practical self-care education, spiritual direction and helped bring deeper understanding of what it means to be true servant leaders. We will bring you special interviews with many of our current and past partners, offering insight into how they helped us grow, and we trust it will help many of you as well.

Today’s music is courtesy of Free Music Archive. This week you heard tunes by Ketsa who also composed our theme music.