Recovery Podcast

59 - Helen Witt

March 06, 2024
Recovery Podcast
59 - Helen Witt
Show Notes

In this powerful episode, we explore the transformative journey of Helen Witt, whose life was once overshadowed by alcohol, drugs, and the brink of losing her family. With Nick Angeloff, Helen shares how her struggles nearly cost her everything dear—her two children and her husband—until a pivotal time in jail led her to recovery and a profound relationship with God.

Helen's story is one of redemption and hope, highlighting how her faith in Christ became the bedrock of her new life. She vividly describes feeling God's presence alongside her, guiding and supporting her through the darkest times. This deep spiritual connection has not only been central to her recovery but has also become the most important aspect of her life, influencing every step she takes.

This episode is a testament to the power of faith and recovery, showcasing Helen's remarkable journey from despair to a life filled with purpose, guided by her unwavering faith in Christ. Her candid conversation with Nick offers inspiration to those facing their own battles, underscoring the importance of faith, the possibility of change, and the impact of support and community in the journey towards healing.

Join us to hear Helen Witt's inspiring story of survival, faith, and transformation—a reminder of the strength found in faith and the endless possibilities of a life reclaimed.

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At Volunteers of America Northern Rockies, we engage those we serve with an intentional focus that meets needs, educates, uplifts, and inspires. We also recognize how much we all need to hear positive stories of lives transformed. That’s why we created the Recovery Podcast.

Recovery Podcast is a collection of interviews designed to share stories of recovery and faith from Volunteers of America Northern Rockies past and present. It is our honor to share them with a belief they will enlighten and encourage. From amazing testimonies of hope to educating around serving our community in need, our podcast will inform, engage, and inspire.

Many of our leaders are among the top professionals in their field, navigating their teams through the changing landscape of human services. In the coming months, we’ll hear interviews from many of them, sharing their expertise in the world of addiction treatment, homeless services, veteran support, moral injury and so much more.

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